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Enjoying East Tennessee
Enjoying East Tennessee

RiverRocks in Chattanooga

October represents a true change in seasons, and living in the mountains of East Tennessee, the month...

Clinically Speaking: MammoSite: Making Life Easier for Many Breast Cancer Patients
More than 20 years of data confirms that breast conservation therapy provides an option equal in terms of overall survival to mastectom.
Randal O. Graham, MD, FACS

It’s Good to Have CHOICES | TennCare, CHOICES Program, Money Follows the Person, MFP, Long Term Care Community Choices Act of 2008, Long-term Care, Home and Community Based Services, HCBS, Kelly Gunderson, Michelle Morse Jernigan, Scott Bowers, UnitedHealthcare
It’s Good to Have CHOICES

TennCare Programming Changes Face of Long-Term Care

Options are always more fun than ultimatums.


A Complete Medical History


It’s October and while the leaves are turning and the days are shortening and the weather is nearing perfection for another few weeks, only one thing is on my mind. Halloween.


Tales from the EHR Trenches:  Communication
Tales from the EHR Trenches: Communication
Before you implement your system, it’s a good idea to give some serious thought to communication.

New Study Reveals $120 Million in Annual Medicare Readmission Spending

Improved Care Transitions Can Reduce Costs

Mounting pressure to reduce healthcare costs is a focus of health reform and, over the past several years, geographic analyses of healthcare claims data have demonstrated ...

Dawn FitzGerald, MS, MBA

Moral Medicine: Professional Neglect
When you consider the vast array of serious ethical issues facing medical professionals today, this seems like such an insignificant issue.
David Stevens, MD, MA (Ethics)

Wine 201: Don't Dis Screw Caps
Is a wine with a screw cap closure a cheap wine? It used to be. Is it now? No way, Rosé!
Rick Jelovsek, CSW

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