Ad Specifications

Acceptable Software Applications:
    Indesign CS3; High Res PDFs; All typefaces must be Adobe Type 1

Acceptable Types of Media:
    Macintosh System OSX Compatible; e-mail; or upload (Please contact for instructions.)

4/C Digital Ad Submission:
    4-color photographs should be saved in CMYK modes as Photoshop eps files in binary format with no transfer functions or custom halftone screens used.

B/W Digital Ad Submission:
    B/W photographs should be saved in grayscale mode with a resolution of at least 170 dpi. Line art must be at least 300 dpi.

PDF Specification:
    In Distiller, use standard Adobe Pdf preset PDF/X-1a:2001.

Ad Submission:
    PDFs and/or materials to create ads with should be sent directly to your sales representative.

AD PRODUCTION: Medical News Inc, reserves the right to add a surcharge of $250 for advertisement production, which includes two rounds of revisions. After two proofs, an additional fee of $50 per revision will be added. These charges may be adjusted or waived. For more information,  please contact the Market Publisher.

Any Production Questions